Two faced

January 23, 2010
By Anonymous

I’ll do nothing but disappoint you
You shouldn’t want me anymore
Your stuck with me and you don’t even realize
The damage that’s gonna happen if you ever
Look me in my real eyes
And see who I have come to be

Don’t say i love you
It doesn’t make me feel stronger
Its just a shot to the heart
A pain of guilt
Guiltiness that i should never be loved

You say you will always love me no matter what
who taught you to lie so well?

If one day it comes down to
You knowing the truth
Toss me the paddle
Hop in this boat
Cause you'll be creating a new ocean with those tears

I’m not the child you wish you raised
I’m so 2 faced you’ll be amazed
I’m a different person when i walk out the door
And the one you’ve dreamed of having comes back
Just as I enter again

Everyone gets thoughts of suicide
But I always wish I’m never alive
Nobody knows why, nobody seems to understand
I know why, but do I even care?

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