I'll Always Lie

January 13, 2010
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I don't know if you wanna know this but I kind of think you should
How Cecilia had to die just before the war was won
Out of so many lies, its the truth that can kill you
In that cold concrete cell with the waves crashing round.

I don't know if you wanna know this but I think the time is now
For the wishes to be made, let the dandelion drift away
Read that beautiful poem from the shelf in the bedroom
In that cold clammy chair with the rain crashing round

Until the day I look into your eyes
And say all the things weighing onto my mind
And you'll know, then you'll know
I'll always lie

You never wanted to hear about this but it doesn't matter now
Who said what and when they did, who's bruise was the deepest blue
Like the sky on that day we went walking together
On that cold winters beach with your tears crashing round.

Until the day you look into my eyes
Read all the things weighing onto mind
Still won't know, never know
I'll always lie

Times change, things get in the way
Days and months get in front of what you wanted to say
But if the time is right, it might as well be now.
Somehow, somehow, somehow.

If you feel that you're not ready, I guess you'll have to go
And find your place in another face in the neverending ground.
And if we happen to meet then you can walk with me
To the end of the shore with the world crashing round, ohh.

It's easy to see but much harder to believe,
It's crazy how much you can change.

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Milo! said...
Mar. 12, 2010 at 9:43 pm
I really love this. I really like how everyone can relate to this. I hope you keep writing, because this is great. You should check out some of my stuff. I think you would like it.
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