Torn between love and reality

January 23, 2010
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?Torn in between!
this isnt how i want it to be.
i wanna be with yew but than i wanna be with him.
all these feelins just let free.
but then i no i cant have him. but im still stuck in between.
the way you make me feel is a pain that i am addicited to.
and the way he makes me feel is like something different that has just popped in my life.
hes always on my mind. i never new i could love a guy so much the way that im in love with you.
being rejected so many times! yes it kills me but it also kills me if i dont.
its just some kind of connection we have together.
all these years i just caved then now im just gunna put my self out there. and this is how i feel im going crazy.i just wanna be yyour lady!
im in betweeen these stunning people that change my life.
what i do, i dont wanna hurt nobody and i dnt wanna get hurt.
being in love. is something hard for me.? so i will find the key to this mystery.

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