Succinct Life

January 21, 2010
Feel so deceased
When the sun rises east
But I go on, I feast!
For now at least!
I live on…I live on…I live on…

The misty morning mountain
The pretty dancing fountain
Love is attainable
Love is attemptable
I live on… I live on… I live on…

It’s a pain in the damn head to get by
With the tempting pleasure of getting high
Addiction isn't here
Salvation is near

I feel you, feel you
Feel you inside of me
I see you, see you
See you around me

I'm just a fragment of this world
Just a microscopic piece, I'm a burl

Pain in the lungs to breathe
When craving makes them seethe
Addiction is here

I haven't spoken for a mile
Or even thought in a while
Don’t remember who I am
Affluent life is gone, damn

Love is only forgotten
Just a memory of cotton
For now at least!
But I go on, I feast!
I live on… I live on… I live on…
We all live on

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Milo! said...
Apr. 12, 2010 at 3:37 pm
WHen I read this, it flows so perfecctly that I find myself rereading it and rereading it again. I love your slight use of profanity, because it really is necessary. Again, I love this.
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