Gaining Weight

January 17, 2010
By thetrainman SILVER, Marstons Mills, Massachusetts
thetrainman SILVER, Marstons Mills, Massachusetts
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balance the heart while we drive on this coast
and i'll show you a cancer they can't diagnose.
now, some call it love, and yet others disease,
and you know i'd be yours if you'd only said please.
you're an ocean of soul; you're a heart wrapped in gold,
you are a desert on fire that will never grow cold,
so tell me your secret and sell me a tale
and i'll weave you a basket for your bread and your ale
and forever, we'll run, oh, we'll run through the streams,
we'll splash through the rivers where fishermen dream.
we'll dash over prairies and hills made of bronze
where the locals play ball with the deer and their fawns.
oh, together, we'll soar. we will fly through the clouds.
we'll hike about valleys and wander around.
so tell me you're with me and we can go now,
but don't tell me to wait because i don't know how.

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