Nataly's Lullaby

January 14, 2010
Don't you ever worry kid
'cuz no matter what it takes
I'll always be watching out
small one keep the faith (bridge)

Life ain't easy, life ain't hard, living is its own reward
so kid just let it be
if nothing else, you'll have me.

You don't ever need to be afraid
you've got me on your side
I know someday i'll let you down
but someday ain't tonight.
So Nataly, sleep tight.

Hey kid, lie back and close your eyes
I'm standing guard tonight
the world may crash around our ears
but i won't get you without a fight. (Bridge)

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Mighty.Morphing.Brower.Ranger said...
Jan. 25, 2010 at 11:19 am
The name 'Nataly' is a mishmosh of my two younger siblings names. The first three letters each of 'Nathan', and 'Alyssa'.
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