How Free is it?

January 7, 2010
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Blood seeping through the mud,
authorities look away.
Who can help the young men,
who die for this cause.
Not the cowards,
who hide from their flaws.
Men in their uniforms,
fighting for our suits.
No sympathy is shown,
the man should leave his throne.
Gun in hand,
they do what we say,
while they fight,
we run away.
Plagued by the promise of freedom,
how free is it?

Pass the gun down the line,
false hopes that all will be fine.
fighting for our leaders,
bleeding for their “cause.”
Deny it all they want,
there is no lying,
there are no moral laws.
Bloody wounds, stained on men
Dying slow, hurting their kin.
Plagued by the promise of freedom,
How can it be free?

Day after day,
always dragging on,
no end in sight,
no stop to this fight.
With all the blood and the death,
can a war really be won?
Plagued by the promise of freedom,
Can it be?

Hiding from their lies,
our men fight dying,
under smoky skies.
Can there be an end?
Will we stop this trend?
I always fear the worst,
will my son be cursed?
Plagued by the promise of freedom,
Is it really free?

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