the Drive.

October 7, 2009
By , Holbrook, MA
Turn up the music
Mute the conversation
We're no longer interested
In self-preservation

Runnin' through red lights
Take the turn too fast
We're just living proof
That life doesn't last

Pedal to the metal
Ignore the stop signs
Markings on the pavement
Show this is the end o' the line

Longing for death
Feelin' that need
Wantin' it more then anything
Craving for speed

It's sickeningly sweet
That taste of desire
My mouth is watering
But my tongue is on fire

My hands clenched tight
White knuckle on the wheel
All I wish, hope, dream for
Is the sound of crunching steel

Here comes the impact
Crush me under your weight
Free me from existence
This life of darkened hate

How beautiful it is
Mixture of rain and blood
My defeated, broken body
Being dragged through the mud

The heat of breathing flames
The icy cold of broken glass
Reality is setting in
And it's kicking my a**

Death extends his hand
And I trust his with mine
I hope those who I'm leaving
Know that I'll be fine

I leave my bones in the dust
My flesh grows cold with time
Just couldn't take it anymore
This senseless pantomime

They'll say it was an accident
But it's what I meant to do
No such thing as consequence
When the actions are ending you

So I guess
This is what happens
When an unstoppable force
Meets an immovable object...

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