you haven't won

September 27, 2009
By , pleasant valley, IA
Youu Can't Un Do What Has Already Been Done.
Youu Can't Take Back The Pain Youu Have Inflicted.
Youu Can't Escape From What Youu Have Created.
What Youu Have Created Is Pain, Hurt, Distrust & many more things in the lives of people around youu & the people closest to youu.
Youu are discusting & sick.
Don't youu see that?
Only someone as sick minded & twisted as youu could do something like this.
Youu are a shame apoun the human rase.
Unless youu ask for forgiveness youu will burn in hell.
Youu should burn in hell for what youu have done, but we all make mistakes.
To fix our wrongs we have to ask god & the people we have caused stress or pain to forgive us.
I'll do my part even though I really don't want to forgive youu; I forgive youuu.

Youu think youu have won?
Well youu haven't.
Don't think for a second that youu have because youu will pay for what youu have done.
I came out a stronger person.
I have learned how to put people like youu in the past & never look back.
I have learned to trust no one.
I have learned that even when youu think youu know someone youu really don't.
Youu know no one but yourself.
I have learned how strong I really am.

Youu will never be able to say youu won.
Never Ever.
Mark my words.

I'm not letting youu off the hook I'm simpily letting god take things into his own hands.
I fall back on god when something goes wrong or when I need forgiveness.
Youu should try it sometime.
It's probably to late now though because youu think your the best thing there is.
Youu think youu are all mighty & powerful.
Your not though.
Mabye if youu wouldn't have been so stuck on yourself youu would have realized what youu had & that god was always there & would've helped youu with anything if youu would've just lived for him & not yourself & the devil.
Just mabye....none of this would have happened.

But we'll never know that now will we?
Only god knows.

Youu haven't won.

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