From the Vault #003: Untitled #003

September 20, 2009
By , Melbourne, Australia
Defective wreckage strewed amidst the grim horizon,
Scattered remains drenched by a bloodied sea,
A contrasting, ghastly silence fills the hideous aftermath,
Contorted faces find delight within the deluge,
Screaming, gulping, absorbing the ocean,
As the chains of societal conformity dissolved,
Fundamental morals; emancipated,
Ethical constraints; liberated,
Society's cold fingers unclenched, a being emancipated.

Operas of wide-eyed virgins,
Altars of plague and famine,
Carpeted isles, lamenting the passing of none,
The naïve notion of worship mocked by priests themselves.

Auras of operatic discharge and kaleidoscopic puke,
Trapped and buried by memories,
Books of faith ridiculed by faceless men,
Women of Christ raped by barbaric thoughts,
Christ himself a defective idol.

The divine voices welcome; hearty greetings aplenty,
The offerings generous,
The end of the existential nightmare,
An alluring sleep,
The peak of desire,
The epitome of life itself.

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