December 4, 2009
By JessicaAnne SILVER, Los Angeles, California
JessicaAnne SILVER, Los Angeles, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't ever waste your days, doing not what you dream to do."

Where am I going?
I'm afraid, of how I will get there.
Like fading starlight,
All alone to wander through these nights.

We seem to stop, while begging for a change of direction.
Some warning of our sacred years!
Are these the wells? In which I sink my dreams and their danger?
Should I try and sing to my fears?

I'm living like shadows!
But whose shadow is this? Is it mine?
When I'm gone, I want to leave more,
Than just a trace of my shadow!
Escaping with the moon's glow,
I'll dream about where it will go.

You think you know me,
Funny how I don't know myself yet.
So where's the meaning?
No one knows, but still we keep dreaming.

I'm not the girl, who's sorry that she wasted her childhood,
I promised myself I would fly!
Keep running strong, let everything be magic and wonder,
A brighter day will soon come along!
Aren't you wishing that this can't be wrong?

I'm living like shadows!
Are they reflections of someone I'll be?
When I'm gone I want to leave more,
Than just a trace of my shadow,
To fade as the waves play, our lost days.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece when I was feeling overwhelmed at the swift speed in which life passes us by. Growing up can be overwhelming, and we can never tell what our futures will bring. But I hope that from reading this, people will realize that they must put their whole soul into their lives and savor every moment. Although it's difficult, living like a shadow, or not fully embracing who you are, is a quality we must change. In due time we will all leave our impressions on the world and soar to our greatest extents.

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