Dangerous Scars of Depression

December 2, 2009
By , North Zulch, TX
these dangerous scars i see,
remind me of what used to be.
you said you loved me and that you would forever,
you promised me that we would always be together.
this agonizing pain i endure every night,
you'll find, just like everyone else, that i gotta fight for my own life.
you killed my heart, ended my every breath,
you say you still love me but it's too late cause i done reached the end.
i endure what you did to me, all the screaming in agony,
i grasp my torso in hopes to keep myself together.
i look at my wrists and think about pullin' a blade,
then i hear the promises that i once made.
i throw the blade to the ground and run out into the pourin' rain,
soaked to the bone i scream to the Lord in vain.
"i love you dear Lord and i need to be saved!
i am your child oh God and i cannot go on this way!
i will continue to suffer and cry and be torn apart,
because the one who promised to love me shattered this very heart.
help me oh Lord, i can't do this alone,
this world is way too cruel and far too cold.
i promise dear god to start livin' right,
but i need you now, please come into my life!
i cry on your name in vain and i hope you here my prayer,
and for now dear God, i'll stay on my knees 'til you get here."

these dangerous scars were a close encounter,
i have God in my life now, couldn't live without Him.
Thank you dear God for bein' there when i called,
and if it weren't for you, i woulda lost it all.

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