Don't Break Me (I Crumble)

November 26, 2009
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There are scars you can see
And scars hidden away
Some line my heart forever to be
And some are on display

I am not perfect
I wonder if you think I am
I’m as good as I get
I’m trying to be the best I can

I try so hard
But when the world crumbles
Everyone has something to take it away
Something to relieve the pain in some way

Don’t break me
I crumble
I fall so fast
I spin out of control
My world falls down
I let go of hope
And everything’s gone
And I crumble

I crash down
The walls cave in
Never making a sound
The marks on my skin
Is just my way of giving in

Don’t tell any one
Cos this is who I am
A battle I’ve never won
One I never can


So please
Don’t Break me
I crumble
Crash and Burn
Hit the ground and stumble
I may never learn

Chorus x2

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