I'm not sorry

November 30, 2009
if i tell you how i feel
you blow me away
and when i want heart to heart
you say i wish i could stay

and when you want me to listen
to all your alibi's
you want me to know
that they aren't lies

so i stand here
me being the fool
and i stood here
believing you'd never be this cruel

but when i left
you wnated me to stay
and i just kept walking
cuz i don't believe what you say

i'm not sorry
for what has been done
i'm not sorry
for being your number one
i'm not sorry
and time will only tell
why i'm not sorry
for making your life hell

and i stood there
lying to myslef
you threw me back around
like a book on the shelf

and i 'll never be sorry
for what i became
i'm not sorry
for driving you insane

and i only blame myself
when i go back again
and i'm not sorry
for not being your friend

i'm not sorry
for what we became
amd i'm not sorry
for winning the game
and i'll never be sorry
for who you choose
and i'm not sorry
about watching you lose

its your own damn fault we are here today
its your own damn fault i don't want to stay
and i'll never be sorry

here's a memory for all you did to me
so please don't cry when i want to leave

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ashleykayy. said...
Dec. 17, 2009 at 7:22 pm
i know exactly whats thats like,
you did a really good job with these lyrics (:
they speak to me
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