All I Wanted

November 29, 2009
We Walk Like Ghosts,
Speaking With Tongues Unheard.
My Voice Lingers In the Dirt,
I wonder If You Can Hear Me Sing?

Im Sitting In This Field Guitar In Hand,
One Strum Then Two,
Finally I Sing A Song For You...

"We walked All Day With Fingers Crossed,
Praying Not All Hope Is Lost...
All I Wanted Was Truth...
All I Wanted Was Truth..."

I imagine My Crowd Drenched In Black Mass,
Cold Weather Hitting My Breath And They Clash.

"I fought For Love,
And I fought For Everything
This remedy costing My life...
All I Wanted was Truth...
All I Wanted Was Truth..."

My crowd became bright,
My voice carrying tonight,
Through the earths crust,
and into the light.

"We woke with the sun,
a light i swore was gone...
And i saw the truth,
And i saw the truth
It lay visioned In eyes.
And i see the truth..."

Stopped for one quick breath.

"And I Began Believing,
I began Believing..."

The grass swaying in unison,
The suns rays lighting my skin.

we walk like ghosts,
Speaking with tongues unheard...
My Voice lingers In the dirt...
They heard me sing...
Oh... They heard me sing.

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