Fault Lines

November 14, 2009
By Manaphwee BRONZE, Mansfield, Texas
Manaphwee BRONZE, Mansfield, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Let's make better mistakes tomorrow."

The fault lines of me seem to be
So visible, any human eye could see
They stick out of my bodies re-arranged
Could you please stop looking at me
Like I'm strange?

Do you have somebody always on your neck?
Do you have somebody who will whine and peck?
Do you have parents who feel brand-new?
Do you have somebody in your life like I do?

Because I'm so sick of it
Being told what to do
Being inspected and getting a deep see-through.
I'm just so tired
Of what's going on
Sorry my Mommy
I kind of want you gone

You never used to be like you are now
About little things you wouldn't have a cow
But lately, you see, you seem less like you
You don't make me feel good;
No, you make me feel blue.

The fault lines run so jagged up and down
You can see them from all the way around
So many cracks inside and outside of me
You think that I'm fine, well I just disagree
So many cracks on the surface of me
Porcelain dolls are only to be seen

The author's comments:
Written after a depressing night that I don't know how it came about. It's about my mom lately. ALSO! I originally wrote this on my livejournal, which you can find here: http://moe-sense.livejournal.com/8109.html

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