Cut The Drama Already, Queen

November 13, 2009
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She twirls her hair with her finger.
She rolls her eyes behind your back.
She whispers things to others.
She's a drama queen, it's just a simple fact.

You tell her one thing.
It's told around as another phrase.
You can't tell her anything,
and try not to listen to what she says.

Her toenails are perfectly polished.
Her hair is styled.
The lips are glossed cherry.
Heck, even her fingernails are fabulously filed!

She'll break your heart.
And just walk away.
As you lay there, broken,
and shattered you'll stay.

She's pretty on the outside,
it's something you can't deny.
But her apparent outgoing personality?
It's one big fat lie.

On the inside she's bitter.
Maybe even broken too.
But admit it? Apologize?
That's something she'll never do.

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