Our Hopeless Devotion

November 10, 2009
By , Springfield, KY
are what you always wanted to be
the problem is what you don't want
is me
and it's all in my head!
the tears ruining my bed
my stomach fills up with dread
at the thought
of seeing you face to face
cause I can't stand
to take another day
without you

am hopelessly devoted
to you
there's nothing
either of us
can do
cause all I think about is you
I know
I need to stay looking Above
but all I see is you;
welcome to teenage love

lay here crying every night
cause we just can't get it right
it's like you've got split personalities
and only one of them
is friends with me
am I making a mistake?
I don't think I can take
another day
without you

are hopelessly devoted
to me
there's no way
either of us
will ever be
strong enough to leave
cause all you think about is me
you know
you need to start looking Above
but all you see is me;
welcome to teenage love

need to be done
you don't think this is fun
so I guess you've won
the final fight
goodnight, goodnight
I can't get to bed
in the floor sobbing
banging my head
against the door
wailing in pain
whispering your name
I don't think
I can possibly take
another day
with you

are hopelessly devoted
to love
there's no way
either of us
will be good
because we've both understood
that you were looking down and I was looking up
we got caught up in each others' gaze
I so hate teenage love

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