Turn the Tables

October 24, 2009
By Giggleyblonde23 SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
Giggleyblonde23 SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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Verse 1

I've known what it feels like to hold someone so close,
When you know deep inside that you're his last choice.
I've know how it feels to stand on the outside,
Prayin' that one time, he'll recognize your voice.
I've felt the sting of his apathetic smile,
The boy who won't give an inch when I'm willing to give every mile.

I know I've looked at him the way you look at me,
But now I realize, open up my eyes,
And suddenly I see...


I've heard the words, I've felt the pain,
I've hoped for things to change, when they'll always be the same.
I'd never want to put someone else through that agony--
Those sleepless nights of the eternal question,
"God, what's wrong with me?"
Especially not you, can't put you through this,
Because I'd rather die right now, than to turn the tables on you.

Verse 2

I've know the rush of thinking you're special,
Because of how he smiles, or talks to you
But then the hopelessness of "just another,"
And left alone, wondering what's left to do.

So busy making him notice me, I didn't
Realize all along, you've always seen me...

Woah oh oh oh

Short Instrumental

Bridge (With possible key change)

I've seen it all before, I know just how it feels,
But to suddenly be on the other side, doesn't even feel real...

Verse 3

I don't know what it feels like to see you always one way,
Then to hear you tell me differently, to not know what to say.
I didn't know how horrible it feels, to see the look on your face,
Or the feeling of knowing I've let you down,
Both our hope lost, both floating alone in our own space.


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