October 26, 2009
By chrsitina_a BRONZE, San Gabriel, California
chrsitina_a BRONZE, San Gabriel, California
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im twenty years old if i wanna do something i will. - alexz johnson


I can be seen like a fool
I can be the one to play games
I can have a lot to say
But to you
I’m just fun and games
I can be serious
And talk to you
And say something’s
But every time you’re mad
I put on a funny face

I’m a joker
A kidder
I don’t take you seriously
Cuz I'm always flying
And got you spinning
I’m here to entertain
Cuz I’m always on the scene
Makin you think
Was she a dream?
I’m a joker
You wanna play wit me

I can be up and down
Side to side
Juggling everything in my life
To you I can seem like a fool
Cuz I don’t know what’s around the block
But I aint no joker
I won’t stand in front of you
Wearing my funny suit
I aint not joker
Who won’t listen to you?

The things I do
Got you scared
Cuz I got the wild side
that aint got you prepared
I’m a joker
That’s what you say
I’m bout to take the dice
And throw it in the game

See I’m all prepared
To be the one
I’m prepared
To show you some

But you say I’m a joker
Its time to put on my mask
And pretend
Cuz I got all the laughs

I can be seen as the queen
Officially right now
I aint got a king
Gotcha boys aiming for me
Cuz I got that sack of good good
That make u wanna get at me

I can be up and down
Side to side
Juggling everything in my life
To you I can seem like a fool
Cuz I don’t know what to do
I’m faced with so many decisions
But I can fix them
I’m here to entertain
Got you like my puppet
I be pulling your strings
I’m a joker/a tease
I got you wanting all of this
Makin you think you can touch it
But you can’t have me

I can be your favorite game
Playing me like its nothing
I’m a ride of your life
Makin you wanna jump on

I’m a joker
You wanna step to me
I got games
You wanna play with me
I can make them other girls feel lame
Cuz I always be
I got your man
In my sights
I’m the one
Whose always down for the ride
I’m a joker
It’s a game
I’ll play the cards
And be dealt with no shame
I’m the one u gots
To make u smile
I’m the one knowing could make everything worth while
I’m the joker
I like to play
Come be apart of my game

Now stop
Don’t be scared
I got the mask
I made u feel unprepared
It’s me
Can’t you see?
I gotta wear the mask
To show u
The freak in me
You like my games
Don’t stop
I’ll makes you sane
I got the games ha-ha
I’m the joker
We can play

The author's comments:
i guess we can all be seen as jokers. we like to entertain people and make people smile even when we ourselves are hurting inside

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