Just Do It (Triathlon)

February 24, 2013
Its like one,two,three,
the Tri world,
Feels like a different country,
You're fast or you're not,
You've got it or you don't,
Just erase the word 'won't,'

Go the extra mile,
I promise its not crowded,
People in denial,
My goggles broke,
My tire slipped,
Really? well fix that s***,
Bite your tongue till it bleeds,
'Cause thats something the audience won't see,

I woke up at four,
three two one,
Its doesnt matter till you hear that gun,
Training isnt what people hear,
True training is what brings you to tears,
Diets, trials, extra pain,
Its all part of this game,

Your preformance is a direct reflection,
Direct reflection of your concentration, dedication,
To your life, to your sport,
So dont you dare step off that court,
Till the last muscle in your body is weak,
And you can physically barely speak,

When its all over you'll hear those words,
You're going to go far kid,
To which you must reply,
No, I just did.

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