Helping Hand

February 20, 2013
By joshua_w PLATINUM, Portsmouth, Virginia
joshua_w PLATINUM, Portsmouth, Virginia
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"wars come and go but my soldiers stay eternal" -2 pac
"my heart is a box and only you have the key to it"

to hold anger inside

would just make things collide

so let it out just scream and shout

untill all the anger is out

weve been friends for so long

weve been through our rights and wrongs

For you I'll always care

Purposelly i wouldnt hurt you i wouldnt dare

After all our aftermath

we still make each other laugh

im always here for you

why?because thats what bestfriends do

if were across the world from each other

dont think needed me will be a bother

im always going to be there

if your hurt ill be there to care

Now know this

if you need me wherever you are

even if your really far

make a wish with a grain of sand

ill make my arms grow in length

till they reach you to give you a helping hand.

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