You have the key

December 6, 2011
By 14EmmaPoland SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
14EmmaPoland SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I'm not feeling much
but hopeless and lost
who would've known
this is what love cost
you tore me down
then built me up again
to tear me down once more
by saying were just friends
i don't know what to do
but I'm feeling worse
at the thought of losing you
you've caused me so much pain
you've caused me so much sorrow
but as it is
it'll be a different story tomorrow
the way this has ended
has me in such shock
so ill put my heart in a box
close it tight
and secure it with a lock
but ill forever let you hole on to the key
in hopes that one day
you'll come running back to me
If you don't come back
i know ill make it through
because ill know
that i was just not meant to be with you.

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