Addicting Fire

October 26, 2011
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You're jealous and you know it
Why do I enjoy it so much though?
Is it perhaps for once I am wanted?
For once I'm not being cast aside by women
For once I can feel like I'm me
I feed off your jealousy
It strokes my ego dangerously
And tips those scales toward my end
Because you're jealous, you discount your own beauties
Bestowing them on the other women
And I just love it
Because I'm aware of that
I try to let you know how beautiful you really are
But all you see is me and her, me and her
What about the you and me?
You don't understand, that if for a second
You could put that away, and stop envying others
That perhaps I'd be with you and only you now
But since you decide to be jealous
I have no problems with that
Keep feeling that I like her more than you
And I'll devour both of your affections

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