Random (By Danny)

June 27, 2011
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“Come on!” he said, as he tried
“No!” he yelled when his game got fried
But then he gave up
Called his friend and asked, “What’s up?”
Finally he collapsed on ground and sighed.

After an hour or two,
His friend came in and said, “Dude”
But he didn’t reply
And watched as time went by
Lastly, he said, “This game’s a hard feud”

His friend shook his head
Told him grammar was his friend
Then he called his name, Danny
But Danny didn’t care about a fanny
And he stayed on his bed.

“No!” said Will
Who was Danny’s friend, but still
He yelled with rage
Because Danny won’t turn a page
Or at least do a double-kill.

Danny finally awoke
But not to play his game
But to finish the last verse (in the poem)
Which doesn’t rhyme with anything if you read in reverse
Still, he didn’t care and finished it all the same.

PS. I don’t care if you like this poem or not
It took me a long time and a lot
But enjoy it, ‘cause it’s my last writing
Thank you for listening and thank you for reciting
Lots of love, Danny (don’t worry, YOU’RE CAUGHT!)

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