A conversation with the moon and the earth

July 31, 2010
By smieyface212 SILVER, Beachwood, Ohio
smieyface212 SILVER, Beachwood, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
I have many of these, but here's a main one:
"Animals our not ours to eat, wear or torture, they help us and our environment, and we need to take care of their environment and give them love in return"

I have a feeling
That something’s going on
I can smell it in the air
And the feeling is real strong
I know it’s going to happen
It’ll happen real soon
I have a feeling that the Earth
Will stretch out and hug the moon
For the moon is very sad
So the Earth’s decides to ask
Why are you oh so sad?
I’m sad because I’m mad
Why are you oh so mad?
I’m mad because I’m sad
What is the reason for this?
Well, I tend to always think
That one day there will be to much, and the world is going to shrink
What do you mean asked the earth, puzzled and confused
I mean the world is such a sad place, constantly being used
It is falling apart, don’t you see?
No, no, you can’t talk that way, not to yourself and not to me
Do you know what that says?
What does it say?
It’s says that you’re afraid
It says that your afraid of the end of the world parade
What is this crazy talk? What are these things you say
I’m trying to let you know, that there is no other way
What do you mean, I don’t get it, the idea is not clear
But before the question was answered, the moon slowly disappeared
What if the moon is right?
Now I’m full of fright!
It can’t be that there is no way
That everything will be ok
Because everything will be just fine
As long as everything stays in line
Am I right, am I wrong?
Are my sentences becoming songs?
Am I repeating over and over?
Are my words that bizarre?
Am I stupid to believe that things are not ok?
They are!
I know that the moons lying
Because secretly it’s dying
To open up and share
It’s thoughts and mourns and dares
It’s deeds and creeds and doubts
But what I’m trying to figure out
Is how am I going to be prepared
Because quite frankly, I’m really scared
I’m scared of what will happen, although I shouldn’t be
I’m terrified of the ending, because it’s something I can’t see
So when will I get the answer?
Oh please, please tell me why
Because I need to be prepared
So I can kiss the world goodbye <3

The author's comments:
This was a hectic time where all people cared about and talked about was their predictions and opinions of 2010, and I was reading a book that was talking about the end of the world, so I decided to write a poem expressing some of the view points of different people.

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