Stupid Cupid

June 7, 2010
Cupid's such a jerk,
He thinks it's funny what he's done,
This whole love thing, doesn't work,
He just tryin' to have some fun.

Well, he's got a twisted mind,
that little baby punk,
because my love hasn't shined,
he's given me a nothing but a bunch of junk.

He's gonna crap in his diaper,
when I get ahold of him,
I'm like a viper,
He's gonna get more than just a trim.

His arrows are gonna be broke,
his bow string cut,
Shove his love dust down his throat,
write heartbreaker on his gut.

Kick him like a football,
and hope he makes it through,
Give him a swirly in a bathroom stall,
then see what he's gonna do.

Shove him in a gun,
and shoot him into the sky,
Oh but wait I'm still not done,
I want to watch him cry.

This is for the heartbreak,
you always put me through,
this is for the laughs they make,
when I tell them I love you.

Cupid, Your time is done,
to make people hurt,
You've had your fun,
Now it's time for you to feel like dirt.

Now that cupid's over with,
I can move on to,
someone who never grants my wish,
Easter bunny, I'm coming for you!

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