soldier girl

May 14, 2010
By Anonymous

she fights her own wars
fights for her own rights

so much is expected
as she keeps herself protected

chores, advice, good grades
but it seems as if, shes digging her own grave

her eyes have watched so much pain
and strength is all she ever gains

she shoots down others
but cant think too much

or it'll tear her apart inside
and cause her to hide

from the enemys shots
recent or old

some wars she has "forgot"
just to spare her soul

she can't remember the hurt
she's caused

she will have a melt down
she must erase

the hurtfilled faces
she must go on

cuz whats ahead
is better than whats behind

this is the only way to stay alive
even if tomorrow she ends up dead

The author's comments:
just how i felt that day

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