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Window pane

May 21, 2018
By JennaRose13 BRONZE, Mansfield, Texas
JennaRose13 BRONZE, Mansfield, Texas
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I wish I
Had a moment
To go to my
Favorite spot
20 stories above
The earth
And sit alone
Looking down on the world
Rushing beneath my feet
Isolated from real life
And Dreaming one of my own
Creating stories for the
Busy cars
That rush with a purpose
And watch the trains
With paths carved out for them
Carrying all they can hold
All the valuables they could keep with them
I wish I could take a moment to
Trace the window pane
With my fingers
Picking up the dust that lay
Dormant for so long
Dust that’s purpose
Lays uncertain
Until picked up
Moved by another
I wish I had a moment to hold my
Knees to my chest
And feel the seat cushions between
My toes
A moment to lay my head on the window
And let my breath fog up the glass
I wish I had a moment to
Collect my thoughts
And let them free on my own
A moment when I can just
Forget the world
And create my own


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