Silence In The Night

May 6, 2018
By Anonymous

At night she would cry herself to sleep in the cold.
Her body, by her father, was sold,
Nothing bad, she’d be told.

She, with nobody to whom to say
What she constantly does at the end of each day…
Hoping that someday someone will stay.

Nobody listening to her story,
But soon she will no longer have to worry.

Knew nobody would care,
She just thought life was unfair.
Everyone went to bed…
Next day to find her dead.

Been in this battle too deep
Now she is ready to sleep.
She will no longer cry.
Dead! She was ready to die.


The author's comments:

Suicide is serious and many say that it is done for attention. There are people who also think their life is bad, but not as bad as someone suffering every single day. My poem will hopefully insipre others to speak up and talk to someone, because there is always someone who cares. 

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