May 6, 2018
By Love317 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
Love317 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Is it real or fake? 

Can i see or feel it?

who knows maybe its just there for us to have pain

but no one knows if we know how to show it

Girls are fine always will be 

but do you not know what it feels like to have this feeling that no one can embrace unless its shown

hey,its not my fault girls have this way of saying were fine even if its not shown 

but its so hard to be comfortable when your in pain thats unknown

Such a waste of time being with someone who wants u but never shows how much he/she cares and only hurts you even if he/she is the one who begged to be with you 

explain why us girls have to struggle with getting what we should need but yet not want 

is it because we're complicated? like for real how are we complicated when just want to be loved and cared about 

its not that hard to show us that we are wanted in this world yet we appreciated if you guys would understand that we have hearts too and we would love if u cared enough to no break us for stupid stuff

But hey im saying why break girls heart when all were trying to do is have someone to live with us and be forever and see if we actually have a reason to live in this weird world of our lives

The author's comments:

Its just something ive been trying to figure out for a very long time of why boys like to hurt us girls for stupid stuff when we don't know how to explain our feelings but we explain it in a easy fast straight way for boys to understand it

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