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Black Hole

May 5, 2018
By viulet BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
viulet BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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I’m an absence of light, absence of
Feelings, thoughts.
Behind my reassuring words is nothing.
The inside of my head is dark and empty.
I spit validations out of habit.
I eat sad stories off of other people’s tongues.
I suck tears out of people’s voices and they fall into my own.
Secondhand troubles well up in me like
Catching water from an eternally leaking ceiling.
Words flow out of them and into me,
I am bottomless.
Once they are done I return to the dark
Behind my eyelids.
I say nothing of my own troubles because
They are insignificant.
I am here to swallow other people’s pain
So they don’t have to feel it anymore.
This is what I’m good for.
I expect nothing in return.

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