May 3, 2018

A Blue Marble
In an endless void,
Teeming with nature,
an Oasis of life;


This is why you exist,
Why the ink swirls on the page,
Life and Death,
Love and Hate,
Day and Night;


It might seem like nothing,
Just one in a trillion,
The third from the sun;


Mother nature,
The reason of your life,
Moment by Moment
Second by Second
Everyday passes by,
Earth, Gaia, Cradles you,
In her arms.


Don’t take it for granted,
Instead rescue our home,
You and I;


Be thankful
For the miracle
That the universe has given us
The gift of life
The Meaning to exist
Love, Compassion, Family


Earth helps us
So we shall help earth
Let us all hold hands,
And walk forever,
in heartfelt gratitude,
For this wondrous

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