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Trust Issues

May 7, 2018
By Zaboushaar SILVER, Bloomfield Hills , Michigan
Zaboushaar SILVER, Bloomfield Hills , Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
Choose the hard right over the easy wrong

I was taught
how to be disappointed by men
at an early age

you broke my heart
long before
had the chance to

When he’s there for nine years of your life
But disappears in a blink of an eye
it becomes impossible to let any one it
Afraid you’ll be left stranded again

Father why did you leave
I gave you everything
my first step
my first word
and you tossed it aside like it was nothing

I thought the worst pain
Would be you abandoning me 
It wasn't

the worst pain was
realizing how easy it was for you
to forget about me

you left me with so many questions
that I started to question my existence 
what part of me
Did you regret making

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