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My Mind

April 30, 2018
By clairealvo BRONZE, Commack, New York
clairealvo BRONZE, Commack, New York
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My heart was once pure
Untouched, polish and clean
It knew not of Hate,
Jealousy, pain and greed
My mind was much as small
Empty and ready to learn
Believed in the magic of books
Without the truth of the world
It was something else
Unlike the others, the rest
Does things its own way
No thoughts of the ordinary or best
It is unaware and oblivious
So white, so true, so pale
But as it grows, curious
Losing all gentle and frail
I guess it's just when we turn
Grow out of our daydreams of before
Lose sight of the yearn to learn
And dream of what's possible no more
Because as an adult you know
You're aware, open, awake
Believing is merely a show
cause it's true
And it's difficult if you break
So it's better off to avoid
Unless you want to be grabbed
Held up high then fall
Lose completely what you have
To be awake and aware is better
Than to be young and pure and true
Cause it's pleasant and numb and easy
To know everyone is fake like you

The author's comments:

Went through a breakup and learned more about myself then i wouldve thought.

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