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for my people

April 30, 2018
By Crazye7ernal BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
Crazye7ernal BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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For my people

Who love to run
Would rather take a jog in the morning than sleep in
Who love to sprint as fast as they can
Who love to run until they feel their legs might fall off
Surrounded by only the forest and the crunching of dirt every step you take
Who can only hear the sound of feet hitting the ground
And their heavy breath heaving and puffing for air

For my people
Who hate to run
Who would rather just watch it on tv
Who will not for the life of them run fast
Who only like to eat junk food and watch movies
Surrounded by their own house and there people
Who hear other people telling them they should run
But never listen

For my people who only think about food when they run
Running and imagining there eating a hot plate of spaghetti
But in reality all they can taste in blood in their mouth
Mouth so dry you are heaving for just one sip of water
Pushing yourself to where you feel like you just want to empty your stomach
On to the plain green grass
The soft crunchy dirt
Or rock solid concrete

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