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I Got the Blues

April 30, 2018
By taylor.coburn BRONZE, Robinson , Texas
taylor.coburn BRONZE, Robinson , Texas
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Blue, blue is the hot tears running down you red cheeks

Blue looks like your freshly done makeup smeared down your face

It's the taste of salty tears sliding down your lips and hopping into your mouth

Blue is the sound of sobs traveling through a crowd of people like a virus

Or the sound of complete silence when your watching someone you love get buried 6

feet into the ground knowing you'll never get to see them again

Blue, is the smell of a fresh coat of black nail polish

Or the fresh fragrance of floss flowers filling the air at a funeral

Blue is the stab of pain you feel when someone asks if your okay and you nod yes

wondering if they are really buying your lies

Blue is the feeling you get when you're reminded of all the memories you had with

that person

Or when you're reminded that you'll never get to have anymore because they are gone

Blue is all the times you greaved alone with no one to talk to

Or the ideas that start running through your mind when you

wonder why they did what they did

Blue is the place you go to see them without actually seeing


The author's comments:

I wrote this to express how blue makes me feel. And I express my feelings about blue in this poem 

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