April 30, 2018

Sadly you had to give me this gene
In which i cannot forgive your for
You make me hate the touch of love
Almost as much as a beating of war
And some may call this a coping mechanism
But i see it as a malfunction
This gene of malfunction leads me to an inevitable life
A life of movement and unconformity
And never a person to conform with
A life of loneliness and malfunction
So please do not ask me for a hug or a kiss
or the simplest of i love you’s
Because my caramel skin will be covered in chills
And a wave anxiety will tower over me
Eventually taking me into a grave of guilt
Guilt that burns my throat and flows through every vein
With a smile and a breath of agony
And to be honest i wish i could feel something, anything
Like the birds and the butterflies
Sensitivity is key to wonderful life
But instead i push and pull apart at affection and comfort
I am doomed, bonded to life, this life
Of loneliness

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