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If Only

April 25, 2018
By lustcx BRONZE, Federal Heights, Colorado
lustcx BRONZE, Federal Heights, Colorado
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The sun rises early in the morning
       Yellow, like the yolk of an egg
       Shining through the windshield from where I sit
       Feeling the warmth on my face
       Attracting onto my clothes
       The view was more than a dream
       The need to going outside is a daydream


The air was nice and cool
       I wonder
       If the ocean animals feel it too
       Feel the wind as if it were blowing you away
       To your chance of freedom and happiness


Somewhere in California, I stay
       Feeling the sand on my fingers
       Soft and Smooth
       Rocky and Unstable
       Impulsive desire to make Sand Castles
       As if I imagined to be in a massive battle


Promises to make
      Soothing songs I hear from the stands
      Hearing the Symphony of Music
      Families filled with laughter
      Their faces are brighter
      From when they were at home.
      Joy I see
      The instinct to have that is echoing


I see the coast
       As I get Closer and Closer to the Ocean
       Putting my bare feet on the surface
       I feel colorless fluid that is which to say
       I wish there would be an otter
       From San Mateo to Santa Barbara in the south


Ecosystems there to see
      Starting with the Horizon
      Seagulls and leftover wings
      Some say,
     “they’re thinking of what life could be without broken wings”.
      Fishers I see from the distance
      Water I see to brilliance.




The author's comments:

California and I'ts features inspired me to write this piece. Since I like to write, read, and rhyme with words. I also love to be a creative person. I simply expressed my emotional thoughts and feelings to this. I grabbed words to express how much I miss California.  

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