Valentine's Day

May 2, 2018
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I never really liked Valentines day
Only, it's not because i always end up lonely
This day is a trap
It’s what I call a capitalist holiday
It exploits a man for every dollar he's got
Hey honey, I cant afford rent this month’s rent but the good news is that I got you the necklace you wanted!
I actually laugh when I see my wallet after it passes by
It’s like losing money is funny
I’m glad that I broke up with her before February even started
I like how selfish some can become
They always expect something
I guess gifts mean more than my love
No matter, now you have no gifts and no boyfriend
Some treat this day as a joke
They leech off till im broke
You can only sit and wonder how it ends up like this
Let me tell you
It started with a careless kiss

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