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Funny and serious

May 1, 2018
By Anonymous

I am funny and serious,

I wonder if I will be a soccer player

I hear my fish “you will be a soccer star.

I want to be a professional soccer player

I am funny and serious 

I pretend to be read a book sometimes 

I feel like I am the protagonist of the book “Slam”

I think many imaginary things about my book in my brain

I worry too much about soccer,

I cry like a baby.

I am funny and serious,

I understand that you have to pass upstacles to become what you want to be.

I see many player on the tv, and I want to be like them.

I dream to be a soccer player,

I try my best.

I hope to be what I want to be,

soccer is my thing.

 I am funny and serious 

The author's comments:

I love soccer, I could write a thousand things about it.

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