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Racism Will Never Disappear

May 1, 2018

Through the history books it is made clear,
For racism will never
Being judged by the color of your skin is just the way,
For others to say to you: " I think I know the same."
It comes in almost every other day, and approaches anyone he can get to. Racism sleeps soundly in the night, for tomorrow he knows how tough he will fight.
He boasts that he has a heart of gold, but in reality he is just plain, hard coal. They claim that the days of Racism are gone,
But even they know there wrong. He lives in plain sight clear to see,
For racism pounces on the roots of society.
He dwells in country's all around the world, but for a period of time doesn't say a word.
In turn the people of today, are still racist and full of shame.
You may not like what I'm writing you today, because it's the truth, plain as the day. But I'm telling this now to all my peers,
For racism will never disappear,
It won't matter how hard you try, because racism will be around all the time.
I am not writing this with a cheer, for racism will be around for years, it will hide for a little while, then come out again and use his excuse of blaming men.
I am saying this with many tears,
for racism will never

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