Not Moving On

April 30, 2018
By Anonymous

I’m not moving on….
A million times over I’ve already told you
I told you I’d never give up on you, I’d always be here fighting
I said I’ll never leave you I’d always be here
I expressed I’ll love you forever, no matter what
I proclaimed that you meant the world my life each breath everything to me
I stated the facts that you were above all to me, I’d stand up for you
I let known how happy you made me
I let slip how I felt
I tell you the truth in it not a single word spoken was a lie
I laid open the facts that no matter what no matter what you did what's said or what happens you’ll be apart of me i’ll love you forever
Everything I said I ment
Everything I expressed was real
Everything I proclaimed was the truth
Everything I said was pure
Everything I stated was a promise
Nothing exclaimed was a lie
It was all a pure truthful promise
I keep my promises I plan on keeping this one
I’m not moving on
I’m not giving up

The author's comments:

I'm someone who's always left; with each person a little more of me was taken. What ever the reasons you left and your no longer in my life, I always hold a empty place in my heart where you stole from.

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