April 30, 2018
By , Lovettsville, VA

Lights, bright white shining down on my face,

I stare out as the stage calls my name,

My heart beats like a wild race horce,

For a second, I stop,

I freeze, too scared to take those few steps forward,

My legs feel like jelly, my fingertips tremble,

But I lift my head up and walk onto the stage,

Ignoring the fear, and replacing it with focus,

I look into the crowd, 

The faces seem to blend together,

At that very second, the fear dissipates,

A sense of relief rushes over me in a gigantic wave,

I feel as if I'm alone,

Just me and the stage,

And then the music starts,

The sound of music fills my ears as I dance,

Muscle memory takes over and every move floats back to my mind,

The music gets faster and I concentrate, not wanting to mess up,

The feeling of the wooden stage on the bottom of my worn out shoes brings me pride,

My turns make me feel as if my whole body floats away,

Finally, the music slows and so does my body,

I spin one last time, and come to a stop,

My racehorse heart slows,

The lights around the stage dim,

I glide back into the stage wings, a sense of accomplishment comes,

I can taste it like a sweet reward,

I smile, a smile so wide,

Because I accomplished my dreams

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