Storytelling Beats Mobility

April 29, 2018
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Sharp as a tack
Storytelling beats mobility
Opposites sure do attract

Snug as a bug
Sitting in an -
Old, cushioned, leather chair
With a bald head
My grandma had just shaved his hair
Not really hair though, he called it “fuzzies”

Wrinkled hands have been
Both the tickle monster and the cookie monster
For too many years to count
Notorious for stealing fresh baked biscotti from the cookie jar
Despite declining health

My blue eyes are from you 
My smile lines match yours
I steal cookies too
Straight from the jar

‘Wow look how tall you’ve gotten’
As a cozy embrace follows
I stopped growing two years ago
But he doesn’t have to know

You say that age is just a number
But I can see your achy bones now
Age is just a number
But I can’t bear to see you slow down

Your sons and daughter worry
Your grandchildren are your guides
As age creeps out from hiding
You’ve denied it many times

Sharp as a tack
Storytelling beats mobility
‘Please sit down, grandpa’
This time
Let me read you a story

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