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A Reclamation of Sentiment

April 29, 2018
By T-Birdy BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
T-Birdy BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
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Hanging from the edge of the world
A grip on this reality waning
A river in flight and a flowing sky

An upside down
My celestial home
This is the place where magic lives

Far from the excess of man
I escape into this refuge of wonder
My mind a boat on a sea of grandeur

Rising and falling with the whim of favor
Wandering through the forbidden forest of me
The snake of complacency a faint whisper in the distance

I yell into the abyss of darkness
The silence rolls on in eternal shame

Light the path through the ruins of doubt
A perilous journey through the realm of Hades
Out from the other side there is calm

Through the misadventures the magic still lasts
Once again, my mind is a boat on a sea of grandeur
Welcoming the darkness before the light

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece about overcoming doubt through imagination, and the power that exists within your own mind.

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