Picking Up The Pieces

April 24, 2018
By Anonymous

My mother always told me I would be a heartbreaker.
As a child, I never understood what that meant.
I continually questioned how a heart could break
Until I experienced it myself.

Dating was an experiment then,
A game.
Relationships were childish,
We never knew what we actually wanted.
Yet it still tore me apart when I was told I wasn’t enough;
That it couldn’t continue,
“It’s not the same as it was in the beginning.”

My mother told me not to give up.
She said everything happens for a reason,
And that I would eventually meet the right person.

I never believed her,
Until I met you;
With your brown eyes that sparkled when hit by the sun,
Your dark brown hair that curled at the end of every strand.

Boys at this age only want one thing;
One thing that girls are always told not to give up,
And men are congratulated for recieving.

You weren’t like that.
You cared for me,
Not just for what is concealed between my legs.

I was finally able to understand what my mother had been telling me.
You were the one for me
And you made me whole.

After a year you decided it wasn’t going to work,
You told me that you needed to love yourself before you could love anyone else.
Explain to me:
How do you realize this after a year?

Everything reminded me of you
Because we did everything together.
There is still a slight nook in my mattress
Waiting patiently for your warm body to crawl back into it.
My body craves the sound of your heart beat.
Your tight hugs and when you would gently kiss my forehead.

My mother told me that you weren’t the one,
That it was practice for the right man.
I knew that wasn’t true,
I can physically feel that you were the one for me
And I drove you away.

We tried to be friends,
But I couldn’t get the image of us in a relationship out of my head.
And here I am now, alone.
Without your presence.

I wish I could have you in my life,
I wish I never messed up.
If I could go back in time to change everything I did wrong,
I would.
I would circle the world for you,
The galaxy.

My mother told me that I will find someone better.
I am scraping up every last piece
Of my broken heart,
In attempts of getting over you.

The author's comments:

I'm a highschool student and am dealing with a broken heart, among many other girls and boys that attend my school. Everyone should know that there is always someone going through the same thing as them, meaning there is always someone to talk to. 

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