You and Me Too

April 17, 2018
By Anonymous

All we do is walk and talk or sit and think
Must we wait until more species go extinct?
We must do something, now is the time to act
We need to stop climate change and that’s that

As the ice melts and the oceans rise,
Another species slowly dies
We sit and wait like it’s just a phase
But it’s very clear that we must change our ways

"But look out the window, look at the sky
The clouds are still blue and birds still fly high
They say the ice caps are melting and the weather is hot
But today it’s 16 degrees and that’s not a lot!
Maybe it’s getting warmer there, but here it’s not"

Well yes, when we look outside the weather seems fine
But, believe me, the mistakes we make add up overtime
Scientists, researchers, and even the news
Say nature is dying and the birds are confused

And if you don’t start helping or start trying
Pandas and tigers won’t be the only ones dying
You don’t just endanger them, but you and me too
And the entire human race will be through

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