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The Lorax

April 17, 2018
By Anonymous

I am the Lorax who spoke for the trees
For the trees had no tongues
I begged and pleaded you to stop
And I screamed at the top of my lungs

Know that life flourishes throughout this land
And on this Earth where you stand
Lives the sea minks with fur smooth like milk
Lives the mohos with songs soft like silk
Lives the west african black rhinos,
one of the last of their ilk

So I beg of you please,
Don’t cut down the trees
Or pollute the seas
Don’t kill the sea minks or the mohos
Or the west african rhinos

I stood on this stump and yelled,
Go spread the word
Tell your friends and family
Oh let it be heard

But you cut down trees
And polluted the seas
You killed the sea minks, the mohos
The west african black rhinos

You kept burning coal
Turning nature black like our souls
Destroying forests from east to west
Until there is nothing left

And when the time has come
May you all remember me
When I die and rot inside
A coffin made of the last tree

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