The Desires of a Dreamer

April 12, 2018
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You can have the warmth of the summer breeze,
crisp and sweet.
If I can have the entwined branches of the winter trees,
strong and tough.

You can have the rich earth,
with its rocky mountains and grassy valleys.
If I can have the sky,
with the stars shining bright and the moon watching over.

You alone, can have all the light
that’s ever touched this world.
If I can have a friend to walk with,
through the darkness.

You can have the stump in the backyard
covered with mushrooms and moss.
If I can have the tree near the window
where the baby birds snuggle close.

You can have the wild daisies
with their amazing abundance.
If I can have the bright yellow sunflowers
with their heads searching for the sun.

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